Fight the waves of ennemies coming at you. Your only weapon, you bullets that you can control only by orbiting them around. After each wave you gain a power up.

Move your bullet :

right/left arrow

a/d for qwerty

q/d for azerty

space for special

p for pause

Last boss is a bit visually bugged, the orbiting ennemies disappear after a while, you can still kill him.

He's a bit long to kill too ^^.

Thanks for playing!


Sprites, Sounds & Fonts by Kenney

Music by Wavecont,

Video Link:

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Rotating bullet!!?? I bet you got this idea from Kenney, xD. Love the concept!

I tried really hard to have everything else than bullets rotate, the wall level rotating but the bullets. And then after 2 hours, "what if it's the opposite", and voila! Orbital defense :D