~~~~~~~~Play the game on fullscreen~~~~~~~~

Strategic game where enemy roll his dice, then you roll yours.

Put an element dice and some life in front of the enemy ones and let them fight! Hearts dices representing the life of the dice.

Each turn the IA and you will have a new roll and a new dice (that you'll have to choose), making the game harder to predict.

You got a bad throw, no worry, do your best with what roll you had!


-What are the dices?
Each dice is an element or life, each element is good against one (dealing 4) and weak against another (dealing 1), place wisely your dice in front on the enemy ones. Base damage in 2 (not good nor weak against).

-What are the dices at the end of each fight?
They are added to your dice pool.

-How do I place a dice?
Click on it, then click on an available place on the board (at the right of the screen)

-The UI is a bit weird?
Try to put it on fullscreen


Game made in solo by Woum during the GMTK Jam 2022

https://kenney.nl/ - Art and sounds

Art are modified premade arts (not made during the jam)
Musics were not made during the jam

~~~~Special Thanks~~~~

To all the people that followed my adventure during this week end, either in stream or just in discord.


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Cool game and so polished. Interesting idea for the rolling theme. I see you love so much strategic games :)


Haha, indeed :D

I won on my first try 😎 I love the concept ! I didn't understand that I won a dice at each victory, but the overall fun is enough for me to say that it is a HIT 👍

Thanks a lot, that means a lot <3

Love the elemental feature. Great Ui!


Nice graphics and great UI, but not much of a game here.

It's a strategic game, you think of on how to use your dice you just rolled to fight the enemy ones. But yeah, it's not an action game!

I wanted to add different enemy with different dice/chance to have certain element, but well, hard to do everything :D.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what the different dice do, but the ambiance is very nice :)

Thanks for playing and commenting!
Elements dice are the base dice, and you put hearts next to them representing their health/healthbar.